Consulting for smb and nonprofit

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Normeja team focuses on complex and sophisticated consulting and integration projects. We aimed at automation and growth of quality level of management and efficiency of business of our clients through effective construction of business processes and work of employees involved in it.

Portfolio of services in field of Consulting and business applications includes management consulting (including business process organization, reengineering and implementation of quality systems, lean production, etc), projects development and implementation of software for operational needs and complex business applications, market launch of own products.

Solutions for business customers includes the leading products of the IT industry leaders, such as Oracle, Microsoft.

Experience of Normeja apply to:

- Telecommunications;

- Banking and financial sector;

- Wholesale trade, retail, commission;

- Transport and logistics;

- complex and simple production and other activities.

Benefits of cooperation with Normeja:

We have extensive experience in performing of parts or whole complex projects of business automation, that includes business consultations, development and implementation of applications with further support and training.

Our advantage is experienced team of certified professionals, with ability to act as an expert in business administration, business management and information technologies.

We have vast baggage of theoretical knowledge and experience, in result we oriented on practical use of existing and developing tools for business. For this reason, any our activity, even simple recommendation of specialists brings a contribution in growth of process efficiency and business in whole for each client.

We build trusting partner relationships, partner providing continued service and support to each client.

We are always in the motion, studying, develop and grow together with our partners, customers.