IT solutions

«Normeja» offers IT solutions as combination of services and IT products to the consumers business at whole or for some of business tasks of a customer.

A large portfolio of technical and software solutions, as well as extensive experience, provide the opportunity to Normeja's team to implement projects, not only on subcontractor role, but also on role of general contractor in projects does not limited by one region or country.

We aim to meet the demand on IT services for the all levels business, for what we apply all possible means to optimize the resources expended on the project, by using the most modern technical and organizational tools. This standardized approach allows us be adapted to the conditions of any project implemented in partnership terms flexibly.

The priority directions in our technical solutions are:

  • Implementation of telecommunications solutions,
  • Creation of call centres (call centres)
  • Creation of support services (service desk)
  • Creation of data centres (Data Centre)
  • Construction of SCS,
  • Development and implementation of information security systems
  • Business process optimization and reengineering
  • Business process automation including accountancy and management accounting